Responsibility & Care

Dhillons Fish Inn is committed to acting with responsibility and care in all of its manufacturing and commercial activities, protecting the working rights of its employees and the trading rights of its suppliers and customers.

Dhillons Fish Inn Care

  • Dhillons highly values the contribution made by all of its employees.
  • We place a special emphasis on making our working environment safe, comfortable, hygienic, ergonomic, aesthetic and welcoming.
  • We aim to nurture talent and creativity, and encourage each individual to develop their own skills in the workplace and seek personal development.
  • Our policy is to encourage staff to freely communicate new ideas and suggestions and to take an active roll in developing the company and improving their own job.
  • Dhillons endeavours to pay advantageous rates.
  • Whilst this is a genuinely hard working business, there is an emphasis on the work/ life balance and a special emphasis on empathy and understanding for each individual’s family situation.
  • Fundamental to our employment policy is to be fair and consistent with our employees, irrespective of age, race, sex and disability. Our terms are laid out in a contract of employment for each member of staff.
  • A primary objective of Dhillons is job security.
  • Emphasis is placed on good manners and relationship between all members of staff from new starters to Directors. The Directors maintain an open door policy for all members of staff.

Customers & Consumers

  • It is a company requirement that customers and consumers are treated fairly and with courtesy.
  • We endeavour to supply the right product at the right price and offer quality service and value to all of our customers and consumers.
  • Food hygiene and food safety are absolute priorities in relation to our products and services. Each Employee is specifically trained and contributes to achieving these goals.
  • We are aware of special dietary needs, allergies, food intolerances and provide full information on the composition of our products and how to prepare them.
  • We keep informed of the advice given by the health authorities and carry out research, work and recipe amendments in order to make our products healthier.
  • Dhillons operates a Non-GM policy.